We offer a wide range of protection for your business.
All monitored by our 5 Diamond Monitoring Centre.


Burglary Detection

Video Surveillance

Access Control

ULC Monitoring

Intrusion Detection



Integrated System

Combine your security, video, access control and more all on one simplified platform.

Real Time Information

Receive alerts, notifications and reports about your business activities to make informed decisions.


As your business grows, so do your security needs. Our systems adapt to changes in your business.

4K Video Surveillance


Commercial grade video surveillance with high definition
continuous recording and live video monitoring.



4K Intelligent Video Surveillance

•Outstanding image quality in challenging light environments
•Smart video analytics differentiates real threats and false alarms
•View live stream video on your mobile phone or computer
•Smart playback allows you to efficiently search for what you’re looking for, whether it be human, vehicles or animals


Access control


Solutions for any size of business – whether you have one door or multiple doors, our access control solution has you covered.


Easy to Use Interface

•Add or remove cards in seconds
•Set cards to automatically deactivate at a certain date

Create Rules and Alerts

•Automatically disarm when the first employee badges in for the day
•Double card swipe to arm the system or lock specific doors

Control from anywhere

•Lock and unlock doors from anywhere with the mobile app or website
•Add or revoke mobile lock permissions in seconds


ULC Certified Monitoring



ULC (Underwriters Laboratories of Canada) sets the highest industry standard for fire alarm monitoring and installation. Scott Security is ULC Certified to provide this standard of installation, maintenance and monitoring.

More and more city bylaws and insurance companies are requiring buildings to have ULC certified fire monitoring. Contact us today to discuss if you require ULC monitoring or have any questions.